Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heck of a salesman!

Can we just say that Tony is a heck of a salesman. This last week has been kinda rough. He went the whole week without a sale (for many reasons: Monsoon season is upon us, babysitting other sales reps, etc...) but Today he proved himself well and got 4 sales! Not only is that a Saturday record by a long shot, but also a career record as well. Wahoo!!! Watch out Cali! We're coming to secure your homes!

Dixie Caverns,Virginia

This was a pretty cool place. When we were with APX traveling around we thought that since we weren't doing much of anything we would go out and see something that the town had to offer. Dixie Cave had a brochure that made this little pond look like a huge lake. As you can see it is anything but that, but none the less it was pretty cool. It was pretty cold inside and slippery so that meant horseplay was out of the question, but I would hold that to be the best because we had some pretty wild guys in our group.

Friday, July 27, 2007


I guess you can say this is my first step into motherhood. I am doing almost everything people do for babies. I feed her, bathe her and make sure she has a clean pad to go potty on (ok so that is where it strays, but hey it still stinks and I would have to say my gag reflex is getting better). It has been a roller coaster ride filled with some ups and downs. I consider her Tony's dog, but he would probably beg to differ. I do most of the disciplinary actions being it is that I'm home most of the day. I'm learning better ways to teach her without going overboard, but there have been some things that have really sent me over the edge. All and all she is a pretty good dog. Always full of surprises thats for sure. I'm sure once you meet her you will find her personality to be quite playful and loving. She is a sucker for people. She loves to meet new people. (watch your feet though she still tends to tinkle if she meets you outside)

On The Go

As all of you know we have been holding our breath since we have gotten married (as far as traveling goes). The experience has been bitter-sweet. On one hand seeing the United States has been cool because we have seen parts of the country most people only read about, but on the other all of the traveling has been a major headache simply because of the lack of a place to really call home. Overall the experience has been great because it has been a true test of our love for one another. If we haven't killed each other yet we probably won't be experiencing any bedroom lock-outs in our life time. I think it is pretty safe to say that we have learned more about each other in the last year than we have since we have known each other, but I know that we still have a long road ahead of us. Thanks to all of you who have helped us along the way. We love you and appreciate your love and support.

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