Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back In Turlock

So on Saturday Tony and I packed up the contents of our apartment and cleaned to be ready to drive the following morning. I can tell that this whole moving process is getting a little old because normally I am extremely organized when I am packing things into boxes. I like to make the unpacking as effortless as possible. This time I didn't care where it went, just as long as it was in a box or a trash bag and into the truck. The drive wasn't really that bad, but I haven't driven by myself for long periods of time in a while so I wasn't conditioned for it anymore. I spent the majority of the time singing super loud, patting my cheeks, and the later part of my trip I bought a snickers and gulped down a 32 oz Siete (Or in other words a 32 oz soda from a 7Eleven or some other gas station).
It is really nice to be in town though. I will say that I am enjoying the weather a lot better than in Phoenix. It is cooler here and it actually feels like it is starting to become fall. I'm excited that there are deciduous trees here. That is my favorite thing about fall is the trees changing colors. I am also excited that I am going back to my old ward. There are a lot of younger couples in the ward that we were friends with.
There are things that I am going to miss about Phoenix. Mainly the people. We are going to miss Sarah and Jared (my sister and her Fiance) and some of people that we worked with. I am also going to miss the fact that where we lived was awesome for shopping. We lived right behind a mall and we were 5 minutes or less from Wal*Mart, Costco, or Target. I guess it shouldn't matter because we didn't do much shopping anyway, but there were a lot of great restaurants close by. Anyway, to sum it up I'm glad that the move is over.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Till We Meet Again Little Bean

I knew this day was coming, but I didn't really think it would come so soon. My little Brother Ben (whom we call 'Bean' as a nickname) went into the MTC today. I had planned on going up to see him off, but we had some things come up and I wasn't able to go. Anyway, it just kinda hit me that I wouldn't really be able to talk to him on a regular basis about normal things for a while. I know that I will still be able to talk to him, but it won't be the same. On top of that, I'll know in the back of my mind that when I go home for Christmas he won't be there to dazzle us with his inconceivable DDR skills and the 'Von Trapp' family choir will be incomplete the next couple of years. It seemed like yesterday that I was on speakerphone in my sisters living room waiting for him to open his letter and that it was still months away. Anyway, its just a little sad to say the least. Good luck Elder Boardman on your new adventure in Melbourne Australia speaking Mandarin Chinese

Monday, September 8, 2008

Funny Commercial

So Tony and I were watching Something on the Internet (I'm not sure that I recall what it was) and we saw this commercial come on. I thought it was pretty funny. Watch it all the way through though.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yay! I did it!

I have been poking at the HTML on my blog for a long time trying to get it to look just right. I finally got the 2 side bars that I wanted, and I really like the backgrounds on everything. "It'll do, Donkey" flashed through my mind when I looked at my page for the first time. I think that the only thing I would change at this point is my picture in my header. It isn't very visually exciting (though it did take me a ridiculous amount of time on photoshop to put that photo together). I kinda want a more scrapbook type look. perhaps it will be my next project. This post is more for me than anything else, but I thought I would share my success with you guys just the same. :) You can't see right now, but I did a little happy dance when I finally got it all up and running.

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