Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Advertising Home

This is an Advertising home I set up in the Ghetto. Can you believe this guy passed credit with a 730. Wow!!! poop was all over inside. OK just kidding no one lived here but I have set up home just like this. Work is going great. I have worked in a place called the Triangle of death. Go look at a map of Tucson and go where the 10 and 19 meet and go down from there until Valencia rd. That's where I have got allot of my deals. Anyway, Love you all. We will see you guys soon.

The Monsoon!!!

Well, for all of those who have not lived in Arizona for a while, or who have never been here, you don't really know how crappy the weather really is. On July 4Th the temperature reached 114 degrees in the shade. Hot mamma!!! A week later mother nature decided to change things up and rain on us for 2 weeks straight. We have thunder clouds that roll in each day at around 3 or 4 and rain the rest of the day/night. Lets just say that knocking in this weather is less than desirable. I have seen some really cool lightning shows and some powerful flash floods. Traci and I have truly seen almost the whole United States and lets just say the south is the last place I would live, with Arizona and New Mexico being a close second. If any of you guys move here I won't come and visit. I have had a fill for my life time (jk I would still visit but it wouldn't be pleasant).

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