Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Little Monster

So a couple weeks ago I came back from the bathroom and I couldn't find Landon. I heard a little giggle and this is what I saw.
And then this...
Here are pictures of his little toofers
This next one is my favorite!

Everything is going well. We just got family pictures taken on Saturday, so keep an eye out for them in a couple weeks.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mission: Organization

As all of you know, apartments are a necessary part in life. The unfortunate part about them is they are often too small and offer limited storage. Especially when you add a little rugrat to the mix. Tony and I have moved several times and with those moves came the hand-me-downs/dumpster finds (don't worry they were all on the side... nothing is good enough to get into one of those.), fat/skinny wardrobes, and paper clutter. We didn't really do anything with them because before now we had room to put them else where. Now Landon is getting into things and we are having to move a few things around. Not to mention we are just tired of our place being cluttered. So our project(and by our I mean mine because I'm home more) is to get rid of all of the unnecessary junk before our next move. (Hopefully into our own house!)

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