Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're In Utah!

So we left California on Saturday morning and made the drive to Utah. Roxy doesn't really travel well so we had to give her a sedation pill to keep her under control, but in doing so it makes her really nervous and thus dandruff and hair was everywhere. (Also, it made her look like she was drunk walking on the grass to go potty... really funny!) Since being here the last couple of days she has been my little shadow but otherwise good. Our place is starting to take shape and we are getting things in order. We kinda have the bare bones as far as furniture goes. I guess I misunderstood what was being provided. I thought that there would be stuff rented, but we have been here for 2 days now and I am sitting on one of our kitchen table chairs (which we brought out btw) as I'm posting and my TV has been placed on one of our sterelite containers with things in it that yet need to be unpacked. We do have a bed and our kitchen table so that's good news.
Our apartment is pretty nice, but with almost all apartments that you rent there are the inevitable ghetto factors to it. First off, our tub looks like it was a prop from a horror film (i even got the heavy duty Lime-A-Way to try to get to looking decent, but no luck) we have bright red counter tops (any ideas on how to make that look cute??) manual dishwasher (i.e. myself), 1st edition washer/dryer (not in mint condition, but still running and does the job so no complaints), no vanity light, windows that either don't shut all the way or don't open at all, and one cabinet that the door doesn't stay shut (and its not just a little gap b/c I could live with that, but it swings wide open due to my plates being to big and obstructing the magnet that holds it in place). It does have its good parts to it though. Internet and cable are included, it has new paint on the walls, new carpet, new tile on the floor and in the shower walls (from the tub up). Anyway, Just thought I would keep you guys posted on how we were doing. :) Hope all of you guys are doing well.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So this last week I have been getting kinda bummed because it was my last week at work and the last time I would be able to work out with my friends from church. I also completed my visiting teaching this week and that too was sad (even though I am a horrible VT). The nice things that came out of this whole experience is that I am a lot healthier (due to the exercise group), I have really gained a lot of confidence in myself and therefore am more outgoing, and I have made a lot of friends that I will never forget. Also, I have learned that if you can't have fun doing something there is no point in doing it. Of course there are some exceptions, but for the most part being caught up in the negatives will only make the already horrible unbearable. I also have really enjoyed getting to know my in-laws better and feel more apart of their family than I have in the past. We are both excited for the move and are looking forward to our future. We are getting ready to move as most of you know (and if you didn't know-- Suprise!) and so I have had some time to really reflect on the past few months.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have been wanting to change the look of my blog for a little while now, but don't really know where to go for layouts other than Pyzam.com If you have any good sites that have some good layouts let me know because I'm about tired of the one I have... Well ok I am tired of it...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Bye SunBeams

So this last week was our last week teaching sunbeams. Thank goodness it was how greatful(sp?) we were about animals. We had a fun time having them name a bunch of different animals and acting them out. It was funny because you could tell what their favorite was. They seemed to pick an animal and whenever they would choose a different one they would switch mid impression and go back to their favorite. One of the little boys that we teach (we were told) had a good experience with us so he and his mom made cookies for us and delivered them to our house. How nice of them. They are delicious! The card was very nice. I loved the picture. Thank you Harveys! We will miss all of them very much, but I'm sure that they will enjoy their new teachers just as much. :) We have enjoyed teaching. And such the purpose has been successful. We are wanting to have a baby somewhat soon so we will keep you posted ;) Bella and Tyson were very interested in my phone this week and wanted to take some pictures (No he isn't picking his nose, we just got done singing Head, shoulders, knees and toes)Maya (one of the twins) and Aspen (doesn't she have the cutest curls?) turned out a little blurry, but you can kinda see what they look like. Do you like how sister Tipton's baby is dancing in the background?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

When the Cats away The Mice will play...

So the past couple of weekends Roger and Kristie have been gone on various vacations. It has been really nice to have the house to ourselves even if for a couple of days. Not that we don't enjoy them, but it has been a nice sneek peek to how we are going to live when we move out in less than a month. While they were gone we invited some friends over to play the Wii, watched TV commentary free, and cooked meals together like we used to in the 'old days'. It really makes me excited to be able to get our own place again. Also, I got online and ordered the best work out videos ever. If you go to the morning exercise group you know which ones I'm talkn' about. They are both pick your level videos, but I tell ya they work. I have been pairing them up with a walking routine (and a good diet of course) and have had really good success with them.


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