Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Anyone who has had a computer for a few years knows how fast they get outdated. When I was in high school a couple of friends and I ordered parts from a website and put together a computer for me to use when I graduated. It cost less than a conventional computer that you buy at the store and was much better quality. I have had this computer for over 5 years now and have not had a single problem. It ran like a champion steed. Meanwhile, Tony has had to retire "old glue-stick" after less than 2 years and his new computer isn't proving to be much better. Anyway, the point of my story is I have noticed "sea biscuit" getting a bit sluggish and today it displayed the scariest thing next to a complete breakdown...

The Blue Screen of Death!

I am not overly concerned about it, but it just makes me sad because my compy has had a great run. Its sad that the computer that I have grown to love is showing signs of submitting to technological trends.

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was Tony's and my 3 year wedding anniversary. It has certainly been an adventure, but well worth it. I look forward to many more years of happiness as our family continues to grow.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quick Update

The last few of days have been full of movements from our little guy. I think that my pregnancy has been a huge mirage to Tony because the only real evidence is that my belly is getting big and I'm not always up for doing things that he wants to do. I have been feeling the baby move since the night the Spartans played in the NCAA Championships, but Tony has just had to take my word for it and has asked what it feels like. I have done the best I could in explaining, but Thursday(23rd) he felt the baby kick for the first time. I had been reading a book earlier that afternoon and our little guy was pushing the book up on my belly. I am so excited that he is getting to experience things in my pregnancy. It makes it more real to me and makes me feel a little more connected. Anyway, below are a couple of pictures that I have been meaning to post, but hadn't got around to it yet.

Here is a picture of my hair dyed brown. I got tired of having 3/4 blonde so my friend and I went and bought a kit to do it at her house.

My growing belly at 20w 5d

A more full body view. My hair is doing something funky in the picture so just disregard that.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

There is a MONSTER in our closet!

So last night I woke up to the most horrifying noise in the world. It was coming from our hall closet. I grabbed my bat and went to go look into it. I opened the door and there stood a 6 foot brownish green MONSTER!!! OK just kidding but there was deferentially a noise coming from our hall closet and it did upset me. We have baby birds in our sealing. The metal meshing that keeps stuff out of the attic but lets out the heat has a hole in it and a lovely pigeon decided to reproduce in our apartment. After work I went to look at it further and I found feet coming out of a hole that they found. Here are some pictures and a video of our monsters

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally Finished and Half Way There!

So Today is the half way point in my pregnancy. Tony said to me, "Woohoo! You're half way done! Its only down hill from here." I heard this and all I could think of was the summer heat and my feet and ankles swelling to the not so delicious size of sausages. I, however, am excited to have Tony be more apart of the pregnancy. He will probably be able to feel the baby move in a few weeks and so it will become more of a reality and not just his wife's belly swelling to the likeness of a summer watermellon. Also, Turlock third ward has a get together for the women in the ward called girls night out. Activities range from movies that our husbands despise, knitting, sewing or whatever girlie thing we can come up with. One of the the activities that we decided to do was make aprons. Things got busy for a lot of the ladies so our sewing project got pushed to the back burner for a while. Well we finally got them done! I am so happy with the end results because the "in progress" apron was looking pretty sad. So Here it is!

I love the fabric! It didn't cost me very much either so it was even better
Yes, I know the apron doesn't really go with the yellow... but look how cute it is!
And the side view! I'm definitely getting more pregnant.(sorry Becca for the open drawers and cabinets)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Annie Oakley

The real Annie Oakley:

Annie Oakley (born Phoebe Ann Mosey[2][3][4] August 13, 1860 – November 3, 1926) was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Oakley's amazing talent[5] and timely rise to fame[6] led to a starring role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, which propelled her to become the first American female superstar.

Using a .22 caliber rifle at 90 feet (27 m), Oakley reputedly could split a playing card edge-on and put five or six more holes in it before it touched the ground.

My Annie Oakley:

My family went Clay pigeon shooting about a month ago. We all had a blast. I am very proud of Traci. She has been a little nervous around guns but after a tutorial and a couple of shots she was warming up to it. She finaly got the hang of the timing and aiming and started to hit some of them. We shot so much that we got bruses on our arms. It was a blast. We have to do it again. Here I am helping Traci on the placement of her head.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cute Baby Clothes!

So I have had these clothes in my closet for a little while now, but I thought I would post them because I really haven't had anything super exciting happen since the last time I have posted. Life is pretty routine right now and I don't have an appointment until the 13th of this month. So.. here is a little preview of what our little man is going to be wearing once he is born :)

Aren't those feet adorable?

Tony's mom got this little set at Ross for $6.99
Can you believe that I found the exact same outfit for $17.99 at Kohl's?
This Cute sweater came from my friend Renee. She has really good taste in clothes. I love it!

This is the other body suit that came with the one above. We haven't really picked a theme for him, but I think they are cute none the less.
PS. I think I felt the baby move for the first time during the NCAA finals basketball game. I think he was mad that the Spartans were playing so horribly. Oh well. At least one good thing came from it right??

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