Monday, May 21, 2012

What's new, but not necessarily exciting

So I know this post is long over due, but this is more for me than anything else. I wanted to post a few new things that our family have been doing up to this point.

Landon is 2 1/2 now and he has been a fun handful. We are discovering that he has an opinion and a strong personality. He is really starting to talk well. For example,  his 'Dee' is properly being referred to as his binky. He is using sentences when he talks to me. Some of his more common phrases are "what you doing?", "I'm fine", "I've got the power!" "I want to brush a teeth with Daddy's Pay paste (toothpaste)" and "I want choca Milk". Its crazy to think how much he really is saying. I really could go on and on with the things he says. He is associating names with the faces of his friends, family and favorite cartoon characters. Landon knows all of his letters and knows his numbers from 1-10. He likes to play/do "workouts" at the gym with friends, play outside at the park and with bubbles. Playing in the water is one of his favorite activities. If I let him he would probably stay in the tub or his kiddy pool all day long. He loves Mario games on the Wii and also likes to play sports. He is really quite good at playing by himself. He can pass levels on his own and knows how to navigate the Wii/Netflix menu. His favorite shows are He-Man (which he is, of course. I'm apparently She-Ra, Tony is Skelator, Livy is Orco, and Roxy, appropriately is Battle Cat.) Word World, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, X-men, Yo Gabba Gabba, Curious George, and Spiderman. Landon is also a great older brother. He loves his little sister, Livy. When she is sad Landon will go and talk to her or sit by her to make her happy. He swings her in her chair and loves to see her giggle. Its been such a blessing that they get a long so well.


Livy is 7 months now and has had her fair share of accomplishments/adventures. When she was born she had too much mucus in her stomach and it was causing her to empty her stomach shortly after eating. They had to pump her tummy and the stomach emptying got a little better, but not much. We had issues with that for the first 4 months of her life and she wasn't really growing a lot or gaining much weight.  We switched pediatricians to get a second opinion on her weight gain. She is our little peanut. In that time she hit her milestones like rolling from back to front, grabs objects and plays with them, babbling, giggling, discovering toes and hands, sitting with assistance and without assistance, and  started solid foods. We had some bad reactions to some of the solids and got her an allergy screening. All the things we thought that she was allergic to came back negative, but she tested positive for peanuts. Awesome. We have an appointment with an allergist next month so it will be nice to get some answers to the many questions we have. In spite of all that she has been a pretty happy baby and very easy going. Some of the things Livy enjoys are her family (especially her big brother Landon). She really enjoys her activity mat with hanging toys and her walker. She also likes to watch other kids play and enjoys her nightly bath. She likes Peas and sweet potatoes with her rice, but despises bananas. She hasn't really liked any fruits that we've tried. We are still experimenting with different veggies, but it seem like peas are a hit. She is still pretty little, but she's healthy and the doctor isn't too concerned about her. We are still on the look out for any issues, but are loving her every day she is with us.

I really am very lucky to have such great kids.

After 6 1/2 years of working in the alarm industry, Tony has finally moved on to a different field. He is still working in sales, but has made the switch to insurance. I could not be more happy. The crazy hours, low growth potential, working 6 days a week, and inconsistent pay checks are now a thing of the past. Things will still be a little bumpy for the next few months as he builds his client base, but at least his schedule is more predictable, and he has the potential to grow and grow big.  We will finally be able to plan and take vacations without having to worry about how the missed time will affect his pay check that week.

Last year I got my level 1 Crossfit certification, and this year I earned my Level 1 USAW certification. I have been working part time as a trainer at Crossfit Parabellum under my good friends the Sedgwicks. I've participated in a couple Charity events for MIA through Barbells for Boobs. Aside from that things have been pretty normal and not all that exciting beyond my kids. Tony and I are looking forward to being able to participate in the Tough Mudder later this year and are excited to have my parents come out and visit at that time. As I type this it is sounding more and more like a Christmas letter, but I really needed to give a serious update for my sake. I hope you enjoyed reading about our little family :)

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Becca said...

I am so glad you update your blog. I know everyone loves to hear about your cute family. And of course, seeing all of your sweet faces is the best! Cant wait to see you all again! <3


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